First Job First Aid

You landed the job! CONGRATULATIONS!

But mom and dad now think since you are gainfully employed, it’s time you turned in the family credit card. On top of it you have to get up at 7:00am every single morning during the week to get to work on time. By the time you get home, you’re exhausted. Who wants to do a lot of shopping? Not you.

But you know that every morning, dressing for work would be a lot easier if you have the perfect wardrobe and all you had to do in the morning was open the door to your closet, and magically in front of you were multiple options for outfits, that felt great, looked great, were office appropriate and gave you a fashion forward presence at the office. You came to the right place. We can help.

Young Professional Fashion was launched from the need of young professional women who need to put together office-appropriate wardrobe without breaking the bank. And you’re here at the right time. We’re designing the product line right now. If you want to make sure we build a wardrobe you will love, send us your dream wardrobe images. We will consider all submissions!


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